Oscar Brand / Laughing America
Cover 1
Artist Oscar Brand
Title Laughing America
Format LP
Number of Tracks 16
A1. Talking Guitar Blues (2:57)
A2. Old Dan Tucker (2:08)
A3. Kafoozalem (2:42)
A4. Cod Liver Oil (2:18)
A5. The State of Illinois (2:09)
A6. Robin-a-Thrush (1:48)
A7. Dunderbeck (1:52)
A8. The Great Baby Show (2:15)
B1. I Was Born About 10,000 Years Ago (2:36)
B2. Hard Times (2:44)
B3. Lookin' for a Home (2:13)
B4. See Them Buzzards (1:40)
B5. Cotton-Eyed Joe (2:24)
B6. A Hole in the Bucket (2:18)
B7. The Old Soldiers of the King (2:00)
B8. The Smeller Song (2:22)