Flanders & Swann / And Then We Wrote....
Cover 1
Artist Flanders & Swann
Title And Then We Wrote....
Format LP
Released 1975
Number of Tracks 13
A1. In The D'Oyley Cart (6:15)
A2. Prehistoric Complaint (3:41)
A3. The Album (3:44)
A4. There's A Hole In My Budget (2:15)
A5. The Seven Ages Of Woman (10:35)
B1. Fragments (1:10)
B2. Pillar To Post (2:57)
B3. Guide To Britten (5:34)
B4. Excelsior (4:42)
B5. Rain On The Plage (One Summer Doesn't Make Us Wallow) (2:11)
B6. Last Of The Line (3:38)
B7. Rockall (2:52)
B8. The Lord Chamberlain's Regulations (4:35)