Oscar Brand / For Doctors Only
Cover 1
Artist Oscar Brand
Title For Doctors Only
Format LP
Number of Tracks 14
A1. How to Be a Doctor (2:17)
A2. Appendectomy, Country-Style (The McBurney Square) (1:57)
A3. The Ob-Gyn (1:58)
A4. Charming White Caps (1:54)
A5. Television Doctors (2:00)
A6. Miracle Drugs (1:53)
A7. My First Day at Med School (1:46)
B1. The Old G.P. (1:45)
B2. Here Comes the A.M.A. (1:56)
B3. Conventional Behaviour (2:28)
B4. Surgery (2:23)
B5. Doctor's Wife (1:52)
B6. Medical Life Calypso (1:32)
B7. Conquest of Disease (2:57)