Oscar Brand with Erik Darling / American Drinking Songs
Cover 1
Artist Oscar Brand with Erik Darling
Title American Drinking Songs
Format LP
Number of Tracks 17
A1. Little Brown Jug (2:06)
A2. Vive L'Amour (1:37)
A3. Quartermaster Corps (2:38)
A4. Three Jolly Coachmen (3:07)
A5. Red Light Saloon (2:33)
A6. Mother Rackett's (1:31)
A7. No More Booze (2:35)
A8. I've Been a Moonshiner (2:05)
A9. Rye Whiskey (1:23)
B1. Drunk Last Night (1:28)
B2. Good Old Mountain Dew (2:11)
B3. Old King Cole (3:20)
B4. Johnson's Ale (1:46)
B5. Copper Kettle (2:26)
B6. The E-RI-E Was Rising (2:31)
B7. Bootlegger's Song (2:33)
B8. Whiskey Johnny (2:54)