Various Artists / Bozo And His Pals
Cover 1
Artist Various Artists
Title Bozo And His Pals
Format LP
Number of Tracks 10
A1. Goony Goose / Bozo the Clown (2:43)
A2. Little Songs For Little People (Part One) / Don Wilson (2:56)
A3. The Old Sow Song / Rufe Davis (3:01)
A4. Little Red Monkey / Mel Blanc (2:35)
A5. Bozo's Song / Bozo the Clown (2:59)
B1. Filbert The Frog / Bozo the Clown (3:01)
B2. Little Songs For Little People (Part Two) / Don Wilson (2:48)
B3. The Little Engine That Could / Rufe Davis (3:11)
B4. Pussy Cat Parade / Mel Blanc (3:12)
B5. Bozo's Laughing Song / Bozo the Clown (2:59)