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The Brass Serpent is now available!




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  1. Postmodernity - A song about the philosophy of the modern age
  2. The Brass Serpent - Prog epic about those who chose death in the desert
  3. Olivet - The Olivet Discourse set to eschatological music
  4. The Grace of God - Calm reassurance that everything will be okay


News - Steve had a wonderful opportunity in September to work as an extra on the movie "Fever Pitch" which is now in theaters.  He did in fact make the final cut and if you know where to look, you can clearly spot him.  If you do, email and describe the scene and where he is.  The first five people to spot him will win a free copy of the original An Other Life!

Our next performance - Note!  The May 14th date at New Hope Christian Chapel is postponed until further notice.  We still plan on playing in early June.

In the works - Mark Blair of Silent Planet Promotions is putting together a huge concert September 23 and 24 in Binghamton, NY to coincide with the American Christian Music Awards.  We expect to be there and share a stage with some of independent Christian music's finest bands.  Should be a great gig!

Reminder - A guest author (S. T. Karnick) on the National Review Online website called An Other Life the BEST DEBUT ALBUM of the year!  To read the review in its entirety, see:

Free Music - Try musicoptimist where I'm told "Post Modernity" is in heavy rotation.  It's an online radio station and a message board for prog fans.  You may have to download a player first.  "Post Modernity" is on the CPR Vol. 1 compilation but will sound slightly different on the upcoming album.


Akacia is a progressive rock band in the spirit of Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, the Flower Kings, Spock's Beard, and so on.  We've been together since late 2001 and have released one independently pressed album "An Other Life" (now re-released on Musea records) with a second coming in February '05.  We hail from Eastern Massachusetts and have played mostly local spots to date.  If you would like to hear some clips from our songs, go here: CD Baby.


For Bookings, contact Silent Planet Promotions