Steve Says:

Mike with guitar The scary thing is that there's just too much music out there.  Imagine that almost every day a new album comes out in five or ten different genres.  How can you keep up with it all?  Sure, you hear the most popular of the music in most genres - I can hum Beethoven's fifth and "Take the A Train" without having an in-depth knowledge of classical or jazz.  But what about even the obscure songs by the well-known artists that you will never hear.  For instance: I've been a Yes fan for a long time but I only got a chance to listen to the Relayer album about two years ago.  I love "To Be Over" - but nobody ever played it on the radio that I heard.  Nor did anyone ever hand me a tape and ask me to listen to it.  Or how about this list -

Seen and Not Seen by Talking Heads
Go For Soda by Kim Mitchell
Cannonball by Supertramp
Raised on Radio by Journey
Flowers and Beads by Iron Butterfly

Not that those are the world's greatest songs, but they have their place.  And here's some music that I listen to quite a bit that just doesn't fit the categories at all:

Le Bal by Hans Reichel
The Parrot (On the Fortune Teller's Hat) by Ethel Smith
I'm Goin' Down the Road by Burl Ives
Dazed and Confused by Jake Holmes
Black Water Side by Bert Jansch
Electricity by Captain Beefheart
Inside by Stiltskin
Crucify by Bloodgood
Sold You a Lie by Zion
Anything by Brute Force (Stephen Friedland, that is)

Mike also with guitar.

Yeah - so good luck finding that music.  Let me know what you think of it after 15 listens!