Tricia Bio:

Thanks for taking an interest in my bio. Where do I
begin? We’ll right now I’m playing keyboards with the
band “Akacia”. I get to work with four of the nicest,
coolest and most hugely talented musicians.

Where it began for me as a musician… who knows…I just
always loved music. Dabbling on the piano or strumming
a guitar always excited me. I saw it as a powerful art
form, touching heart and soul. I saw it as life and

I am also a big fan of the visual arts. I enjoy really
good black and white photography, bright vibrant oil
paintings, as well as independent films. I’ve done oil
painting in the past. Something I love dearly and hope
to revisit sometime.

My first band experience was when I was asked to play
bass in an original “girl band” back in the early
80’s. I knew a little guitar and piano but I had never
played bass before. We wrote some really cool
political 80’s tunes, but when half the band wanted to
concentrate on just cover tunes and change the name
to, ready for this? “The Cover Girls” well…that was
the end of that.

Around that time I started going to church, played
bass in the worship band and church events, sang in
the choir and played bass in a couple of Christian
bands. After that I stopped playing in bands for a
while. My piano and I were musical companions until a
good friend of mine John hooked me up with a few guys
from his church (New Hope Christian Chapel, Easton,
MA) They were forming an original Christian band that
needed a bass player and I was ready to start playing
again. The band was short lived, but of note is that
one night during a rehearsal Mike T. and some of his
buddies stopped by…we’ll to make a long story long…I
knew Mike T. from having being from Brockton, MA and
into music. I know Mike might not like me saying this,
but too bad. It was like the musical mafia had
stopped in. Mike might not have known who I was but I
knew who he was and I knew he was good.

Spring ahead a few years and I was asked to replace
Eric on the bass for the band “The Reckoning” to free
Eric up to play drums because the band recently lost
their drummer. Eric’s wife Becky sang lead and Mike T.
was lead guitarist. To show what an interrelated bunch
we are, Mike T. broke away to form his dream child
band “Akacia” with Eric on lead vocals while Becky and
I broke away to form our dream child band “Lucky Ed”
with Eric as our drummer. After that I joined an
original Boston band “Redroom” with Tom and Ted. Tom
on drums as well as keyboards, Ted on all guitars and
lead vocals and me on bass. Tom obviously versatile
and formally trained and Ted a colorful original. The
music we played was atmospheric free flowing and
mostly improvised. The experience was a unique and
interesting one but ultimately not meant to be. I had
decided that was my last band until Mike asked if I
was interested in joining Akacia on keyboards. Goodbye
bass (for now), hello keys.

My influences are varied.
Off the top of my head:
Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Rush, Yes, Genesis, Remy Zero,
Fleetwood Mac, Flea (Chili Peppers), Stanley Clark,
Tori Amos, Aimee Mann, Sean Penn, Christopher Walken,
Van Gogh and countless other colorful and interesting
artists who aren’t afraid of The Establishment.

Things I enjoy:
My husband Danny, good friends, not eating meat, oil
painting, taking long and far away trips by myself,
guns and being in the company of dogs.