Firesign Theatre

Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death

  1. Unconscious Village: Wake Up
  2. Eyeballs in the Sky
  3. US Plus: Pork
  4. The Celebrity Stalker
  5. Sports in Your Shorts
  6. Ralph Spoilsport's Going Out of Body Sale
  7. The News Drought Continues
  8. Goddess Air Presents "Hullo, Don't Worry!"
  9. A Developing Chase Situation
  10. Pull My String
  11. Princess Goddess Escapes the Celebrazzis
  12. Chump Takes Some Hits
  13. Polar Pro: Texas Trots
  14. Miss Shelob's Feelin' Poorly
  15. Unconscious Village: Last Days Sale
  16. Mr. Coffee Comes Up Zeros
  17. Glacier
  18. Gridlock at Homeless Stadium
  19. Polar Ice: Party Vertical
  20. Going, Going, Gone a la Blonde
  21. Sex With My Hat
  22. Trippple Ripppoff
  23. Night Whispers
  24. Bebop and Dwayne Feel No Pain
  25. Smokin' Joe Says Farewell
  26. US Plus: Zeros and Ones
  27. Chump Makes a Resolution
  28. The Doll Drop
  29. Radionow Says Good-by and Hello

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