Stan Freberg

The United States of America Vol. 1 The Early Years and Vol. 2 The Middle Years

Disc 1 - The Early Years

  1. Overture
  2. Columbus Discovers America "It's a Round, Round World"
  3. Pilgrim's Progress "Take an Indian to Lunch"
  4. The Thanksgiving Story (Under the Double Turkey)
  5. The Sale of Manhattan "Top Hat, White Feather, and Tails"
  6. The Boston Tea Party
  7. Declaration of Independence "A Man Can't Be Too Careful What He Signs These Days"
  8. The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
  9. Betsy Ross and the Flag "Everybody Wants to Be an Art Director"
  10. The Discovery of Electricity
  11. Washington Crosses the Delaware (Command Decision)
  12. Yankee Doodle Go Home (Spirit of '76)
  13. The Battle of Yorktown
  14. Finale "So Long, Friend..."

Disc 2 - The Middle Years

  1. Intro & Overture
  2. Madison, Jefferson, Franklin & Osbourne: The First Advertising Agency (Part 1)
  3. Madison, Jefferson, Franklin & Osbourne
  4. Madison, Jefferson, Franklin & Osbourne (Part 2)
  5. America! America!
  6. Madison, Jefferson, Franklin & Osbourne (Part 3)
  7. Rumplemeyer's Horseshoes: The Francis Scott Key Story
  8. Rumplemeyer's Horseshoes
  9. Stephen Foster, Beloved Songwriter
  10. Samuel F.B. Morse Sends the First Telegram
  11. Abe Lincoln in Analysis
  12. Show Folk
  13. Abe Lincoln at Home in the White House
  14. Barbara Frietchie, Martyr of the Year
  15. Shoot If You Must
  16. Lincoln at Shiloh, With General Grant
  17. As Long as You're Up/A Sober Life's a Hard Life
  18. The Appomattox Courthouse Bar & Grill
  19. There'll Never Be Another War
  20. Custer's Last Stand
  21. Alexander Graham Bell and the First Phone Call
  22. Thomas Edison Invents the Light Bulb! The Phonograph! (Part 1)
  23. Perseverance
  24. Thomas Edison Invents the Light Bulb! The Phonograph! (Part 2)
  25. Planned Obsolescence
  26. The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk
  27. Henry Ford Invents Detroit
  28. Perseverance (Reprise)
  29. The Sinking of the Lusitania
  30. Two Tin Pan Alley Songwriters
  31. U-Boat/The Guns of August
  32. Hello, Peace, Hello
  33. There'll Never Be Another War (Reprise)
  34. Finale "America! America!" (Reprise)

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