Red Ingle


  1. Tim-Tayshun (Temptation)
  2. (I Love You) for Sentimental Reasons - (I Love You) for Seventy Mental Reasons
  3. Song of Indians
  4. Them Durn Fool Things (These Foolish Things Remind Me of You)
  5. Git Up Off'n the Floor, Hannah
  6. Pagan Ninny's Keep 'er Goin' Stomp
  7. Nowhere
  8. Pearly Maude
  9. Oh! Nick-o-deemo
  10. Cigareets, Whuskey and Wild Wild Women
  11. Cigardust (Stardust)
  12. I Surrender, Dear
  13. Moe Zart's Turkey Trot
  14. The Prisoner of Love's Song
  15. You Can't Be Fit as a Fiddle (When You're Tight as a Drum)
  16. Serutan Yob (A Song for Backward Boys & Girls Under 40)
  17. An Irishman Will Never Fight (Till an Argument's at Hand)
  18. Turn Your Head Little Darlin'
  19. 'A' You're a Dopey Gal
  20. (He Came to Town Hot as a) Two Dollar Pistol
  21. Girlin' and Cuttin' up Didoes
  22. Pool
  23. Comin' Round the Mountain March
  24. Run Little Eva
  25. People Are Funny
  26. Let Me In
  27. Chew Tobacco Rag
  28. Git Away from the Wimmin'

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