Jerry Lewis

Collectors Series

  1. Are You for Real
  2. I Love a Murder Mystery
  3. Sunday Driving
  4. I'm a Little Busybody
  5. Pa-pa-pa-pa Polka
  6. I Like It - I Like It
  7. I'll Tell a Policeman on You
  8. Lay Something on the Bar (Besides Your Elbows)
  9. I Love Girls
  10. North Dakota, South Dakota
  11. I've Had a Very Merry Christmas
  12. The Book Was So Much Better Than the Picture
  13. I Can't Carry a Tune
  14. Strictly for the Birds
  15. Crazy Words - Crazy Tune (Vo-do-de-o)
  16. They Go Wild Simply Wild Over Me
  17. I Keep Her Picture Hanging Upside Down
  18. Y-y-y-yup!
  19. Candelabra Boogie
  20. Rock-a-bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody

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