Ogden Edsl

Mower of the Ogden Edsl

  1. Daddy's Money
  2. Laughin' Blues
  3. Only White People Dance Like That
  4. Beautiful But Boring
  5. Soap Opera Love
  6. Pinecones
  7. Rap Yodeler
  8. Accidental Love
  9. They Don't Want You at the Wedding
  10. Kinko the Clown
  11. Kinko's Party
  12. You're Looking More Like Edith Piaf Every Day
  13. The Fish People of Berodenon
  14. Dancing at the Rainbow Ball
  15. Idi Amin Meets Eydie Gorme
  16. My Face Is Covered With Hummingbirds
  17. Ugly
  18. Dead Puppies
  19. The World Is Gone

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