Weird Paul

Lo Fidelity, Hi Anxiety

  1. What I'm Gonna Do To You
  2. Dreaded Glaucoma Test
  3. My Head's on Fire
  4. Tom Ate a Banana
  5. Attack of the 50-ft Woman
  6. Listening to Your Heart
  7. Feeding Squirrels Fire
  8. Not Of This World
  9. Poor Little Fly
  10. Knock People Over
  11. Acting Like Mel Torme
  12. Blackout (King Kong Version)
  13. Whalin' the Shit Out of Guys
  14. Scott Baio Was Seen at the (Legendary) Pink Dot Convenience Store Buying 12 Cans of Tuna and a Carton of Cigarettes
  15. I Went to Chinatown
  16. Mikel E. '99
  17. Piece of Meat in the Tang
  18. Gimme Your Lunch Money
  19. Could We Be So Bored
  20. Pandamonium
  21. My Father's Toe
  22. Simulated Wood
  23. Once in a Blue Moon

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