The Electric Company

Side One

  1. The Electric Company Theme - Short Circus and friends
  2. Giggles Goggles - Rita Moreno and Judy Graubart
  3. Easy Reader - Morgan Freeman and Lee Chamberlin
  4. Silent "E" - Tom Lehrer
  5. Be Kind to the Letter "S" - Morgan Freeman, Jimmy Boyd, Skip Hinnant, Judy Graubart, Rita Moreno and Lee Chamberlin
  6. Hard, Hard, Hard - Short Circus
  7. The Sign Song - The Kids
  8. A Mysterious Phone Call - Mel Brooks and Skip Hinnant

Side Two

  1. "D" - Mel Brooks, Rita Moreno and Short Circus
  2. Punctuation - Rita Moreno, Lee Chamberlin, Short Circus and Victor Borge
  3. Jennifer of the Jungle - Judy Graubart, Morgan Freeman and Skip Hinnant
  4. The Clown Song - Short Circus
  5. The Clam Song - Skip Hinnant
  6. Fight Song - Entire Cast
  7. Electric Company March
  8. Your Rich Uncle Died -Entire Cast

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

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