Wild Man Fischer


Side One

  1. My Name Is Larry
  2. Jimmy Durante
  3. I Light the Pilot
  4. Josephine
  5. Do the Wildman (fancy version)
  6. I'm a Truck
  7. Sir Larry
  8. Who's Your Favorite Singer?
  9. Go to Rhino Records (live version)
  10. Handy Man

Side Two

  1. Disco in Frisco
  2. Do the Wildman (and other in dances)
  3. I'm Selling Peanuts for the Dodgers
  4. I'm the Meany
  5. Wild Man Fischer Impersonation Contest
  6. Guitar Licks
  7. What Do You Think of Larry
  8. Young at Heart
  9. My Name Is Larry (Reprise)

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Notes: See the variations page

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