Flanders and Swann

At the Drop of a Hat Original Cast Album

Side One

  1. A Transport of Delight
  2. Song of Reproduction
  3. Greensleeves
  4. In the Bath
  5. A Gnu
  6. Songs for Our Time:

Side Two

  1. A Song of the Weather
  2. The Reluctant Cannibal
  3. Design for Living
  4. Tried by the Centre Court
  5. Misalliance
  6. Madeira, M'Dear?
  7. The Wom Pom
  8. Hippopotamus

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Notes: Although this album confusingly has the same cover picture and title as "At the Drop of a Hat," it features a different live performance and some different material from the latter album. The two records can be distinguished by the listing of the tracks on the record, or by the words "Original Cast Album" in bold yellow on the cover.

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