Fun House!

Side One

  1. Strange Things Are Happening (Ho Ho Hee, Hee, Ha Ha) - Red Buttons
  2. Va Va Va Voom - Art Carney
  3. If I Give Up the Saxophone (Will You Come Back to Me) - Robert Q. Lewis
  4. Song of the Sewer - Art Carney
  5. Practice, Darling, Practice - Molly Goldberg and Red Buttons

Side Two

  1. Sheesh, What a Grouch! - Art Carney
  2. The Ho Ho Song - Red Buttons
  3. Steven Got Even - Robert Q. Lewis
  4. Boulder Dam (Part 1) - Abe Burrows
  5. Boulder Dam (Part 2) - Abe Burrows

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Record List