Uri Geller

Side One

  1. Come on and Love
  2. Velvet Space
  3. This Girl of Mine
  4. A Queen Without a King
  5. Beyond Imagination
  6. The Day

Side Two

  1. I Cannot Answer You
  2. This Lonely Man
  3. My Son
  4. A Story To Tell
  5. Mood

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Inserts: Article

Notes: As though bending spoons with your telekinetic powers were sufficient cause to release a record. . . Imagine William Shatner's albums but with no personality and a Swedish accent and you get this record. More than one song has a short spoken intro by Uri and a long vocal performance by a female singer. The last track is a guide to discovering your own spoon bending powers, complete with the disclaimer that it doesn't always work for Geller either.

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