The Goons

Dark Side of the Goon

Side One

  1. Boiled Bananas and Carrots (Boiled Beef & Carrots)
  2. Any Old Iron
  3. You Gotta Go Now
  4. Will I Find My Love Today
  5. Heart of a Clown
  6. Fuller's Earth
  7. Faith Can Move Mountains
  8. Wormwood Scrubs Tango
  9. One Love, One Lifetime

Side Two

  1. My September Love
  2. Brass Band Samba
  3. My Old Dutch
  4. Puttin' on the Smile
  5. I'll Make You Mine
  6. Postman's Knock
  7. A Drop of the Hard Stuff
  8. I'm So Ashamed
  9. Here in My Heart
  10. I'll Make You Mine

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

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