Hot Pepper

Side One

  1. I'm a Virgin, But I'm on the Verge - Angelina
  2. All the Girls Like Big Dick - Angelina
  3. OOoo Have I Got Hot Nuts for You - Saul T. Peter
  4. She Likes to Lick, Lick, Lick - Saul T. Peter
  5. You Ought To See Her Box - Faye Richmonde
  6. It Was Hard When I Kissed Her Goodbye - Faye Richmonde

Side Two

  1. Quit Your Feelin' Around - Nancy Steele
  2. My Pussy Belongs to Daddy - Faye Richmonde
  3. Tony's Got Hot Nuts - Faye Richmonde
  4. It's What's Up Front That Counts - Miss Dee
  5. Oh! What a Jock! - Miss Dee
  6. She's Nine Months Gone From Home - Faye Richmonde

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Record List