Hasty Pudding Theatricals

Pro & Con

Side One

  1. Windy City Hello
  2. Old Time Tradition
  3. Love Life
  4. It's a Wise Father
  5. The French Do It Better
  6. Love Will Be Business as Usual
  7. You and Me and the Ref Makes Three
  8. Mystery Lady
  9. Blues to End All Blues

Side Two

  1. Planned Obsolescence Mambo
  2. Gone But Not Forgotten
  3. Song of the Builders
  4. Let Me Love Tonight
  5. Woman Is a Necessary Evil
  6. Organization Men
  7. Love Life (Reprise)
  8. Gone But Not Forgotten (Reprise)
  9. Opening Night for Love (Reprise)

Carved into the vinyl: Hasty Pudding

Notes: A soundtrack to a theatrical production - the comedic value is not as great as the song titles promise.

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