Spike Jones and His City Slickers

The King of Corn

Side One

  1. People Will Say We're in Love
  2. G. I. Haircut
  3. It Never Rains in Sunny California
  4. Wang Wang Blues
  5. My Little Girl
  6. The Sound Effects Man
  7. Ragtime Cowboy Joe
  8. The Vamp
  9. He Broke My Heart in Three Places

Side Two

  1. Besa Me Mucho
  2. I'm Going Back to Where I Come From
  3. The Trolley Song
  4. Red Wing
  5. There's a Fly on My Music
  6. Row, Row, Row
  7. I Wanna Gal Just Like the Gal That Married Dear Old Dad
  8. Jingle Bells

Carved into the vinyl: Spike Jones

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