Will Jordan

The Great Comedy Album Starring Spiro T. Agnew

Side One

    1. Introduction by Ed Sullivan and Richard Nixon impersonated by Will Jordan
    2. The Old Silent Majority Game
  1. A Slanted View
  2. The Welfare Routine

Side Two

  1. The Youth Routine (Part I)
  2. Join the Army and See Vietnam
  3. The Youth Routine (Part II)

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Notes: Okay, so I know I should keep my political opinions out of a comedy page, and I do support freedom of expression, but this record really makes Will Jordan come off like an idiot. It's a collection of speeches by Agnew with a laugh track (an annoying one which repeats every third laugh or so) indiscriminately filling every pause. Sure, you get some yucks, but you also have guffaws greeting such lines as, "More of our young people are alienated than ever before. More are lonely. More are inclined to drop out of society [titters]. More are inclined toward violence. This is not only my assessment, it's the assessment of our young people as well [howls of derisive laughter]." If that's funny, I don't get it. At least Jordan could have maybe done some creative editing or a mock interview record to create humor, but as it stands, this record is really a waste for anyone who doesn't have a lingering and visceral dislike of Agnew. I guess at the time it was really pushing the limits of establishment bashing, but like most political humor, it's ho-hum today.

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