The Kaminsky International Kazoo Quartet


Side One

  1. Ludacravia I Kazoot Thee by Francis Scottsky
  2. Eine kleine Kazoomusik by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartsky
  3. Siberian Jingle Bells (antique folks tune) - Boris Kaminsky, garbage can coverist
  4. Beethoven's Ninth Kazoophony (with gahoon cadenza) - Sonja Kaminsky, gahoonist

Side Two

  1. Peter and the Wolf
  2. The Big Red Team
  3. Memorial Wedding Ceremony Music
  4. The Kazing - Boo Boo Kaminsky, coloratura yodeler
  5. The Flight of the Kazumble Bee by Nickolai Rimsky-Kaminsky - Feodor Kaminsky, solo kazoophonist
  6. The Stars and Stripes Forever and Ever and So Forth by John Phillip Kazooza - Boo Boo Kaminsky, coloratura

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Record List