Gabriel Kaplan

Holes and Mello-Roles

Side "A"

  1. Holes and Mello-Roles
  2. Masturbation
  3. Stand Clear for Nocturnal Emission

Side "B"

  1. De Amerikans
  2. Exorcist
  3. E.E.O.
  4. Jim and Margaret
  5. Winky Dink
  6. Ed Sullivan, Ed Sullivan
  7. Linda
  8. End

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Notes: This is the reissue of "Holes and Mellow Roles" with the picture from "Welcome Back Kotter" on the cover. I have chosen to list it as a separate entry since the material on the two albums differs slightly (see the other track listing). Some of the routines from the first album are edited down and others are completely gone from the reissue, but this album also contains material not on the original.

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