Mickey Katz

Mickey Katz and His Orchestra

Side One

  1. Come On-a My House
  2. Herring Boats (Shrimp Boats)
  3. Borscht Riders in the Sky (Riders in the Sky)
  4. Bagle Rag Call (Bugle Call Rag)
  5. Kiss of Meyer (Kiss of Fire)
  6. Yiddish Mule Train (Mule Train)

Side Two

  1. Duvid Crockett (The Ballad of Davy Crockett)
  2. Geshray of Devilde Kotchke (Cry of the Wild Goose)
  3. She'll Be Coming 'Round the Katzkills (She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountains When She Comes)
  4. The Baby, the Bubble, and You (The Magic Song, "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo")
  5. Sound Off (Duckworth Chant)
  6. C'est Si Bon (Ces Tzi Bon)

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Notes: The label claims the album's title as "Mickey Katz With His Orchestra." You decide.

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