Lester Lanin and His Orchestra

The Madison Avenue Beat

Side One

  1. Mr. Clean; Chase & Sanborn; Pepsodent
  2. Budwiser; Yuban; Oasis
  3. Ford; Martini and Rossi; Carling; Cities Service
  4. Newport; Dust 'n' Wax; Barbasol
  5. Robert Hall; Blatz; Blue Bonnet; KLM
  6. Chesterfield; Listerine; Cutitone
  7. Gillette; Merkel's
  8. Ipana; Colombian; Cuticura; Wildroot

Side Two

  1. Schlitz; Kellogg's; L & M
  2. Bon Ami Jet Spray; Carolina Rice; Marlboro
  3. Pillsbury; Halo; Old Spice
  4. Chiquita Banana; Beechnut Coffee
  5. Parliament; Maxwell House; Betty Crocker; Kent
  6. Brylcreem; Eno; Lestoil; Pabst
  7. Doublemint; TWA; Eastman; Kodak; Ban
  8. Northwest Orient; Adorn; Alpine; Fitch Shampoo; Falcon
  9. Post; Dutch Masters; Mott's; Tetley

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Notes: TV and radio commercials made into dance music.

Record List