Howie Mandel

Fits Like a Glove [Promo]

Side One

  1. Opening
  2. Bobby
  3. Bill
  4. I Became a Dad
  5. Doug
  6. Pubic's Cube

Side Two

  1. I Do the Watusi (Extended Mix)
  2. Getting in Shape
  3. Airline Joke
  4. Rape Whistles
  5. Nurse Julie

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Notes: Instead of filing this record under the variations, I consider it a distinct entity from the regular edition. This record comes with a sticker which reads "Special in-store play copy - Does not contain objectionable language." The record is heavily excerpted, with much of the comedy excised. Most of the tracks are under ninety seconds, and the order is vastly different from the regular issue LP.

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