Ed McCurdy

When Dalliance Was in Flower and Maidens Lost Their Heads

Side A

  1. The Yeoman of Kent
  2. The Shepherd
  3. Old Brass to Mend
  4. Celia
  5. As I Walked in the Woods
  6. The Merry Wedding
  7. Whilst Alexis Lay Prest
  8. How Happy's the Miller

Side B

  1. The Hive of Bees
  2. The Sound Country Lass
  3. She Rose to Let Me In
  4. The Country Wake
  5. Pillycock
  6. When Flora Had on Her New Gown
  7. The Spinning Wheel
  8. The End

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Inserts: Lyric booklet

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