Jackie Gleason

And Awaaay We Go!

  1. Melancholy Serenade (Theme from The Jackie Gleason Show)
  2. And Away We Go!
  3. The Poor Soul
  4. You're a Dan-Dan-Dandy
  5. Reggie Van Gleason III
  6. Hy'a Mister Dennehy (Joe the Bartender)
  7. One of These Days - Pow! (Ralph Kramden - The Honeymooners)
  8. Here's Charlie (Charlie Bratton - The Loudmouth)
  9. You're a Nice Man (Fenwick Babbit)
  10. La La La La La La La La (Sketch music)
  11. It's Such a Happy Day (Sketch music)
  12. Shangri-La (Reggie Van Gleason III's entrance music)
  13. Casey at the Bat (recitation by Reggie Van Gleason III)
  14. I Had But Fifty Cents (recitation by Reggie Van Gleason III)
  15. Tenderly (Theme for The Poor Soul)
  16. Our Love Is Here to Stay (Ralph Kramden's apology to Alice music)
  17. You're My Greatest Love (Love theme from The Honeymooners)

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