Allen & Rossi

Allen and Rossi Tell the Truth About the Green Horn-Nut and Ca-toe

Side A

  1. Friday Nites on T.V. Station B.U.G.
  2. Gung Fu
  3. The Horn-Nut's Weapon
  4. Office of the D.A.
  5. How the Green Horn-Nut Really Started
  6. The Horn-Nut Hummm

Side B

  1. The Green Horn-Nut Takes His Army Physical
  2. Buying the Black Beauty
  3. Crisis at the Daily Centinul
  4. Green Horn-Nut's Driving Lesson
  5. The Ca-toe and Green Horn-Nut Weather Report
  6. The Case of the Missing Gems
  7. Green Horn-Nut Has Tax Problems

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

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