The Ballad of Fanny Hill

Side One

  1. Truth, Naked Truth
  2. Alive, Alive, Oh!
  3. Laden With Maden
  4. Lewd Lascivious Phoebe

Side Two

  1. Charles
  2. Revenge
  3. Emily's Tale

Side Three

  1. Harriet's Tale
  2. Louise's Tale
  3. Twice a Virgin
  4. Gentlemen of Nobility
  5. Beat Me Laddie

Side Four

  1. At the Masked Ball
  2. Paramour of Pleasure
  3. Charles Reprise
  4. One Love Is All Love

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Notes: Another racy item from Fax records, this has narrative peppered with the songs listed above. "At the Masked Ball" reminds one a little of a certain Shel Silverstein piece.

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