Les Barker

Mrs Ackroyd Superstar!

Side One

  1. Mrs Ackroyd
  2. My Granny's a Wild Flying Dove (My Lady's a Wild Flying Dove)
  3. The Rise and Fall of Ghenghis Ackroyd
  4. Vincent
  5. Where Do You Go To, My Doris?
  6. Candlelight and Wine

Side Two

  1. Holland's Meat Pies (Ebony Eyes)
  2. The Fastest Accountant in the West
  3. Kippers for Tea (Save Your Kisses for Me)
  4. Sparky's Magic Contraceptive
  5. The Curse of the House of the Baskervilles

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Inserts: Booklet, postcard

Record List