Barron Knights

Jesta Giggle

Side One

  1. Never Mind the Presents
    1. Another Brick in the Wall Part '2'
    2. Day Trip to Bangor (Didn't We Have a Lovely Time)
    3. The Sparrow
  2. Oh Miami
  3. M*A*S*H (new lyric for M*A*S*H Masochistic and Sadistic Hospital Song)
  4. Space Invaders (new lyric to 'The Old Sow')
  5. Mind de Doors
  6. African Humoresque

Side Two

  1. The Sit Song
  2. We Know Who Done It (new lyric to 'Cars')
  3. The Swindon Cowboy
  4. Hello Mother, Hello Father
  5. Fads and Crazes
  6. Barron's Fun 40
  7. It's Hard to Be Humble

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Inserts: Lyric sheet

Record List