Ruth Batchelor

Reviving a Dream

Side One

  1. Reviving a Dream
  2. Stand and Be Counted
  3. To Keep His Love
  4. Equal Rights
  5. Drop the Mop
  6. Reprises

Side Two

  1. We Need to Know More
  2. The Princess
  3. What's Gonna Happen
  4. Barefoot and Pregnant
  5. Progress
  6. Reprises

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Notes: The alternate title of this record, "Songs for Women's Liberation," is truly unfortunate, considering the quality of these songs. Although not recorded as a comedy album, this record is funny a la Mrs. Miller. One couldn't imagine more depressing lyrics about the apocalypse, and the voices are so atonal and deep, that the gender of the singers is sometimes in question. If you listen to this album, try to imagine the smirks of the guys in the studio engineering the recording.

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