Bert and Ernie

Side by Side

Record One: Bert's Songs

Side One

  1. La, La, La
  2. The National Association of "W" Lovers
  3. Doin' the Pigeon
  4. The "R" Machine
  5. Stop
  6. Bert's Nap
  7. Loud and Soft

Side Two

  1. Clink, Clank
  2. Bert Is Sick
  3. High, Middle, Low
  4. I Want to Hold Your Ear
  5. The Bath Story
  6. Pat Pat Patty Pat

Record Two: Ernie's Songs

Side One

  1. Rubber Duckie
  2. Everybody Wash
  3. Ernie Presents the Letter "A"
  4. Tiger Hunt
  5. The Drawing Song
  6. Imagination
  7. Ernie Presents the Letter "Q"
  8. Ernie Dusts the Shelf

Side Two

  1. Dee Dee Dee
  2. Would You Like to Buy an "O"?
  3. The Man Who Needs Help
  4. The Listening Game
  5. El Patito (Rubber Duckie)
  6. Ernie Presents the Letter "U"
  7. Ernie Plays the Drums

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Record List