Ivor Biggun and the Red-Nose Burglars

The Winker's Album

Front Side

  1. The Winkers Song (Misprint)
  2. Sing a Mucky Song
  3. No! No! No!
  4. Hello My Baby
  5. I Wish I Was
  6. I'm Shy
  7. Graffiti Night Fever

Back Side

  1. I've Parted (Misprint)
  2. Cucumber Number
  3. Great Grandad John
  4. Underground Music
  5. My Brother's Got Files (Misprint)
  6. The Winkers Paradise (Misprint)
  7. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!
  8. Charabanc (humorous monologue)

Carved into the vinyl: tone

Record List