Bob and Ray

The Two and Only

Side One

  1. Overture, Wally Ballou and Hector Lassie, Curtain Rises, Introductory Remarks, Wally Ballou and Cranberry Man
  2. Komodo Dragon, Gabe Preston #1
  3. Beautiful Face, Gabe Preston #2
  4. Larry Lovebreath Show #1-Barry Campbell
  5. Slow Talker

Side Two

  1. Larry Lovebreath Show #2-Dog Trainer, Grand Canyon Public Service Announcement, Truffle Hunter
  2. Biff Burns and Stuffy
  3. In Depth News-Hap Whatney, Sore Loser, David Chetley, Money Announcement, Corrupt Mayor, Gabe Preston #3
  4. Curtain Call, Encores-Children's Music, McBeebee Twins

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Record List