Erma Bombeck

The Family That Plays Together... (Gets on Each Other's Nerves)

Side One

  1. My Husband and TV
  2. Endangered Species
  3. TV Commercials
  4. One Size Fits All
  5. The Hipbone Mystique
  6. Marriage
  7. Divorce
  8. A Man and His Car
  9. The Energy Crisis
  10. Two-Year Olds
  11. My Daughter Writes Obituaries

Side Two

  1. Family Vacations
  2. Equal Colds
  3. I Loved You Enough
  4. Never Strike Your Child in Anger
  5. I Can't Cope
  6. Education
  7. Things My Mother Taught Me
  8. Mike and the Grass

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

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