Bob and Ray

A Stereo Spectacular

Side One

  1. Bob and Ray Visit Dr. Ahkbar at the Castle
  2. Riders in the Sky - George Melachrino and his Orchestra
  3. Minuet on the Rocks - Skitch Henderson and his Orchette
  4. Bob and Ray in the Round Room
  5. Buck Dance - Dick Schory's New Percussion Ensemble
  6. New-Fangled Tango - Lena Horne
  7. The Thing - Bob and Ray
  8. Second Hungarian Rhapsody - Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band

Side Two

  1. The First Noel - Radio City Music Hall Organ-Richard Leibert
  2. We'll Gather Lilacs in the Spring - Julie Andrews
  3. Song of the Volga Boatman - Sauter-Finegan Orchestra
  4. Bob and Ray in the Laboratory
  5. Whatever Lola Wants - Abbe Lane
  6. The Ox Drivers - The Belafonte Singers
  7. Bob and Ray (The End)

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Record List