Oscar Brand and the Eveready Syncopators

Give 'Im the Hook! Songs that Killed Vaudeville

Side One

  1. Ebenezer Frye
  2. Oh, Don't Go Near Them Lion's Cage Tonight
  3. There Once Was a Poor Young Girl
  4. The Fountain in the Park
  5. Mrs. Murphy's Chowder
  6. The Syme the Whole World Over
  7. Don't Swat Yer Mother
  8. Medley #1: A Bicycle Built for Two (Daisy Bell) / Little Annie Rooney / The Sidewalks of New York

Side Two

  1. The Bowery
  2. Oh, Dem Golden Slippers
  3. There Once Was a Poor Young Man
  4. Mother Was a Lady
  5. The Man Who Wrote Tararaboomdeeay
  6. Come Home, Father
  7. Medley #2: The Band Played On / After the Ball / Good Night, Ladies

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

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