Robert Bryan and Marshall Dodge

Bert and I... and Other Stories from Down East

Side One

  1. Bert and I
  2. Kenneth Fowler Goes Hunting.
  3. Camden Pierce Goes to New York.
  4. The Sassage
  5. The Lighter-than-air Balloon
  6. Which Way to East Vassalboro?
  7. Which Way to Millinocket?
  8. The Long Hill
  9. The Liar
  10. Mad Dog

Side Two

  1. Down East Socialism
  2. Down East Religion
  3. Albert's Moose
  4. Virgil Bliss
  5. Chester Coombs's First-born
  6. Arnold Bunker Testifies.
  7. The Body in the Kelp
  8. The Long Fezzle
  9. Harry Whitfield's Trip

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

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