The Capitol Steps

Thank God I'm a Contra Boy

Side One

  1. We're the N.R.A. (Boys Just Wanna Have Guns)
  2. A Suburban Drone
  3. The Meesekateers
  4. A Yale Degree
  5. George Bush Now
  6. Mr. Rehnquist's Neighborhood
  7. Burger to Go

Side Two

  1. We Circled France All Night
  2. While Reagan Sleeps Tonight/Thank God I'm a Contra Boy
  3. Constructive Engagement Rings
  4. Libya, Oh Libya
  5. The Frill is Gone
  6. Reaganpackwoodrostenkowskitaxsimplification

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Notes: Political humor is the lowest form of comedy. Political jokes are already old by the time you repeat the previous night's late show monologue to your friends. Twenty plus years later, do we really remember or care enough about every little controversy to find humor in it? I don't mean to pile on, but there's a reason that no Capitol Steps album scored more than one star in Goldmine's Comedy Record Guide.

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