Jerry Clower

Clower Power

Side One

  1. Second Down and Goal to Go
  2. Ole Brumey Wasn't Runnin' a Coon
  3. The Public School Music Class Learns a Song
  4. I'm That Country
  5. Marcel Says No School Today
  6. Peanut Boilin' Was Required
  7. Life at Route Four - Liberty Mississippi
  8. How to Back Into Show Business
  9. Three Footballs in a Game Ain't Fair
  10. All About Clovis Ledbetter

Side Two

  1. Marcel Wins a Bet
  2. The Ole Timey Ice Box
  3. Uncle Virsi Ledbetter
  4. Brother Sonny Goes to Church
  5. My Mama Made Biscuits
  6. The Flying Jenny
  7. King Solomon Said
  8. Signaling for a Fair Catch
  9. Little Katy Learns a Lesson
  10. What Christmas Means to Me

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

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