The Congress of Wonders


Side One

  1. Sylvia Davenport
  2. Health Man #1
  3. Cedro Willy
  4. Health Man #2
  5. Elaine "W"
  6. Health Man #3

Side Two

  1. Latent Place
  2. Opheelthis Unchained: Introduction
  3. Prologue: The Gods on Mount Olympus
  4. First Chorus: We Are the Chorus
  5. First Episode: In Mythica, New York
  6. Second Chorus: Paint the Bread and Butter Pickle
  7. Second Episode: In the Haight-Ashbury
  8. Third Chorus: Life Is Like a Mountain Railroad
  9. Third Episode: The Catastrophe and Exodus

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Record List