Billy Crystal

Specially Edited Version for in Store Play and Air Play from the Album "Mahvelous!"

Side One

  1. I Hate When That Happens
  2. "Live" from the Bottom Line
  3. Now!

Side Two

  1. You Look Marvelous
  2. Where's Your Messiah Now?
  3. Buddy Young, Jr.
  4. Howard Cosell, Right There!

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Notes: As with some other promotional records listed on my page, I count this item as its own entry even though most of the material is the same as the album's. The editing of this record makes it possible to play some tracks like "Howard Cosell, Right There!" without worrying about the seven dirty words, but the total absence of some of the album's tracks would make the Crystal fan want to have the full uncensored album as well.

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