Stanley Z. Daniels

Sex Explained for Children

Side One

  1. Sex Explained for Children

Side Two

  1. Sex Explained for Children

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

Notes: Obviously not meant as a comedy album, this record features a cast of characters which puts one immediately in mind of Linus, Sally and Schroeder from Peanuts. The only thing that's missing is "I'm not your sweet Baboo!" The kids read a script concocted by lab scientists which could only serve to further confuse any youth trying to learn about sex from this record. To make matters worse, they mispronounce certain words: "ministration" for "menstruation" and the hilarious "squirtal sack" for, well, you know. To top it off, the poor kids have to spell all the terms they use as though knowing how to spell fallopian will somehow enlighten a first grader. You'll laugh, especially if you're under the influence, it's late at night and your best buds are over.

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