Ray D'Ariano

Are You On Something?

Side One

  1. Woodstock
  2. I'm Miserable
  3. Cheech and Ernie
  4. The Jameson Diet
  5. The Universe
  6. Radio Suite: Beautiful Bobby and Pimpagel/Fripto's Skinless/Cousin Looselip/Listener Sponsored Radio/Brother Frank's Appliance & Jewelry Outlet/Is That You Brad?/Bill Thrill and Menison Clothes
  7. Late Talk

Side Two

  1. Groovy
  2. Are You On Something?
  3. Thank God
  4. The Classic
  5. SDP
  6. Special New Roommates
  7. How to Make It With Chicks
  8. Paulie

Carved into the vinyl: Nothing

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