Dr. Demento

Demento's Mementos

Side One

  1. Doctor of Dementia - Dr. Demento with Barnes & Barnes
  2. I Get Weird - John W. Christensen
  3. I Wanna Kiss Her - Tim Cavanagh
  4. My Wife Left Town With a Banana - Carlos Borzenie Sr.
  5. Smut - The Other Half
  6. Space Invaders - Uncle Vic
  7. The Rodeo Song - Showdown

Side Two

  1. Bodine Brown - Purvis Pickett and the Punk-a-billies
  2. The Alphabet Song - The Three Stooges
  3. Swedish Western - Steve Lisenby
  4. Harry's Jockstrap - Dickie Goodman
  5. My Name Is Not Merv Griffin - Gary Muller
  6. Mediocre Mama - Doug Robinson
  7. Don't Go Down to the Fallout Shelter (With Anyone Else But Me) - Tom Fenton and Ice-Nine
  8. Rock and Roll Doctor - Travesty Ltd.
  9. I Found the Brains of Santa Claus - Jason and the Strap-Tones

Carved into the vinyl: If you can read this, you're too close/Stay Demented!

Inserts: Info sheet

Record List